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/kings of convenience

Friends only and all that, rotters.

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a kings of convenience fan?
they're amazing.
i saw them live w/ feist last march.


yes'm! they are. i think i'm a little jealous. (;
This has to be one of the most uniquely done layout's I've seen yet. I love it. :)
why thank you! :)


I like your layout...wish I could do that.
why was your journal originally called anna if your name is marissa?
i acquired this journal through a trade.

to be added simply leave a comment-)

....don`t know comment for what but all me read till this page is really interesting and so so on>>> stay in touch the blog is super
h'okai. right. and you are?
Hii~ this is Christina msrottentreats. I just wanted to let you know after my account expires on that journal, i'll be moving onto this one. Feel free to remove my other username if you'd like tho.. i'll be using this journal much more soon. xP
add me here, too? :]
of course, darlin.

sorry i didn't see this sooner - i actually haven't checked in on this old thing in a bit.
May I add? :D
Certainly. :D
за сколько вы готовы продать жж "anna"?
could you please sell me "anna" username?
I'm afraid I cannot. I used a rename token to change 'anna' into 'nekomu', and I've had this journal for too long to sell it.
I see. Me too, I renamed to current name from another at some time. Well, I'll contact support team in order to know how you can pass your previous account to another person without losing your current name. Are you ready to give me "anna" if you the system can leave you with "nekomu"? I need this for my daughter, who is still 5 years old :)
I have contacted support team. They told me that it is possible to disconnect your previous username from your current one, but only by your permission. Is it possible? How can I compensate your efforts? Maybe some LJ services or paid account would be suitable?


I'm new here & i want to be your friend.


I'm also new here=)
I wanna be your friend ^_^
is it possible?
/kings of convenience

January 2006

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